Chapter History

The Buffalo Soldiers MC Seattle-Tacoma was founded in September 2004 by H. "Doc" Wedington. Approval to start the chapter was granted by Buffalo Soldiers MC  Washington  President Marvin FarRider" Smartt.

We are a predominately African-American motorcycle organization.   However, the members and chapters do not discriminate against race, religion, gender or ethnic origin.   We welcome anyone who accepts and supports our values and mission. 

Although our chapter is newly formed, all original members have experience as members of at least one previous motorcycle club.   We are very aware of what we like in a club's structure and the requirements of its members.   As a member of the Buffalo Soldiers MC Seattle-Tacoma you will be welcomed as family and treated with dignity and respect.   After all, you are an adult with your own ideas, needs and you possess your own unique ability to contribute to our club.  We welcome all brands and styles of motorcycles


Buffalo Soldiers 9th Calvary

We Claim No Territory

WE ARE NOT A 1% CLUB AND WE CLAIM NO TERRITORY...we do take our club and membership seriously.   Our colors pay homage to the original Buffalo Soldiers of the 9th and 10th Calvary.   These were African-American men who during a time of extreme racism tried to make their own contribution to fledgling America.   We can only imagine their sacrifices trying to accomplish the mission.   Imagine having to soldier with the worst horses, food, pay and equipment.  

Guess what... they were successful.

Several Buffalo Soldiers received the Congressional Medal of Honor!!



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  • Sept 22-24 Chosen Few King County Annual
  • Oct 13-14 Flying Low MC Annual

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